Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are advised that this video may contain images or names of people that have since passed away.

Weaving the Threads
Three generations of Aboriginal families tell us how their stories have shaped their lives. 

This video formed part of a discussion kit based on a play by Port Youth Theatre Workshop’s Nunga Writing Group as told to Elizabeth Mansutti and directed by Owen Love in 1998.

Being given the opportunity to tell their stories and be listened to with respect allowed the women involved to gain confidence and self-assurance. Through the writing workshops they began to acknowledge their achievements and incredible ability to survive with intelligence and humour. The script development and writing process brought greater understanding between the grandmothers, mothers and children.  For some it was the first time they had heard these stories about their mothers’ lives.  For some of the Elders it was the first time they had told their stories.

Port Youth Theatre Workshop carefully worded the credits to clarify that Elizabeth Mansutti did not write the play but that it was written from the stories told to her.  The stories contained in the work remain the property of the tellers: Josie Agius, Colleen Lynch, Alma Flanagan and Kaylene Taylor, 1997.

The play toured to health centres and venues around Adelaide as well as to Umewarra, Port Augusta to promote discussion.