Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are advised that this video may contain images or names of people that have since passed away.

HYPER Project
A multi media hypothetical assault … daring debate on Juvenile Justice

The idea for HYPER came to me in 1997 when I was called to Jury Duty in Adelaide. What I saw developed into the idea for a production that looked at alternative outcomes to jail – especially for young people. There are some wise and wonderful people working to make changes to the juvenile justice system that locks up too many young people. HYPER and the hypothetical performance highlights the progressive attitudes that exist and encourages action to make positive outcomes for more young people caught in a spiral of hopelessness. A film was made, a performance of the ‘hypothetical’ in the Ceremonial Court, in the Sir Samuel Way Building on 13 November 1999, a song was written, as well as a film clip for the song. (A performance of the song opened the new Youth Court in Adelaide).

Then all of this was put together into Hyper-link – a resource for discussion in schools. The kit and Facilitators’ Handbook, written by Dr Irene Watson, was commissioned by Port Youth Theatre Workshop in December 2000 under the direction of the then artistic director Kathryn Gilbey.

I would like to acknowledge the many people who made this project a success especially Josie Agius, Tina Flanagan, Michelle Wilson-Lynch, Margaret Brodie, Donald Taylor and Ali Baker.