Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are advised that this video may contain images or names of people that have since passed away.

A Touchy Subject
Everything you wanted to know about sexual harassment but were too afraid to ask.

This video is a light-hearted look at a heavy issue – presented by Vitalstatistix.  The resource kit included a video of the show and an accompanying leader’s handbook.  The kit is an enjoyable way to deal with the issue of sexual harassment aimed at senior high schools, tertiary institutions, government departments, unions and worksites.

The idea for this video came from the success of the live theatre production.  The show was written and designed for community theatre, to be accessible and relevant to a broad range of audience.  The live production was in constant demand for over two years, 1987 – 88, and toured widely in Adelaide, South Australian country areas, and interstate to Western Australia and Queensland. The live production was always followed by a structured discussion that gave the audience a chance to discuss sexual harassment, personal experiences, the grievance procedures available to them and the reality of their work or study environment.